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Senior BI Data Analyst

Malta, Birkirkara, MaltaFounding

Job description

We are seeking a Senior BI Data Analyst to join our Founding team 🌟

We could go on and on about our dedication and passion for online gaming, our decades of experience in the online casino business, we could tell you about how trustworthy we are, our reputation is spotless, that you'll feel safe and challenged with us. Then again, trust is something earned and we'll show ourselves to be worthy of your trust.

So go on then! See how you can roll with us! 👇

  • Collect, clean, and analyze data from various sources to create insightful reports and dashboards.
  • Assist in the development of key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor game performance, player behavior, and monetization trends.
  • Identify patterns and trends within the data and provide actionable recommendations.
  • Assist in segmenting players based on various attributes such as demographics, behavior, and spending patterns.
  • Collaborate with marketing and product teams to support targeted marketing initiatives and personalized gaming experiences.
  • Create clear and informative data visualizations and dashboards using tools like Tableau, Power BI, or similar software.
  • Present data findings to both technical and non-technical stakeholders in a comprehensible manner.
  • Assist in designing and conducting A/B tests to evaluate the impact of game changes, features, or monetization strategies.
  • Help analyze test results and provide recommendations for improvements.
  • Ensure data accuracy, integrity, and consistency by establishing and maintaining data governance best practices and collaboration with data engineering teams.
  • Support efforts to enhance data governance and ETL processes.

Job requirements

You’ll need to have: 

  • Minimum of 2 years of previous work experience as a Data Analyst or Business Analyst within the online gaming industry.
  • Strong data visualization skills using tools like Tableau, Power BI, or similar.
  • Basic proficiency in data analysis tools and languages such as SQL, Excel, or Python.
  • Strong problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities.
  • Ability to be part of a team but also a strong independent member.
  • Ability to adapt to a fast-paced environment.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills.
  • A passion for gaming and an understanding of the gaming ecosystem is a plus.

Don't meet every requirement? No worries! We encourage you to apply, as you might be the right candidate for other roles.

Malta, Birkirkara, Malta


Malta, Birkirkara, Malta